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Everyone loves space.

The planets and the stars fill us with wonder and awe.  Under the light polluted skies of major cities, it’s difficult for us to connect with the night sky and explore our own universe.  SkiesAway is on a mission to change that.

Are you looking for that something extra for your next corporate event, fundraiser, or birthday celebration?  Perhaps you have always wanted a space themed wedding or to learn how to take images of the Moon, planets, and nebulae.  SkiesAway brings the best night sky experience directly to you and your community!



SkiesAway Launch Party at Cosmic Brewery

A weekend of brews and views: SkiesAway celebrates its launch party at the Cosmic Brewery in Torrance.


With our website up and our events now booking through […]

  • Yuri's Night Festivities at Cosmic Brewery
  • Yuri's Night - Group Shot
  • Yuri's Night - Group Shot

Yuri’s Night Festivities at Cosmic Brewery

We had an amazing time at Cosmic Brewery Saturday night, taking part in World Space week. Our telescope views and live astroimages were a big hit! Plus, it was cool to rub shoulders with bright scientists, engineers, and space-enthusiasts […]

Our First Event-Held Astrophoto!

We are proud to post the first astrophoto from a SkiesAway event.  This vibrant image of the Helix Nebula (NGC 7293) was captured from our group campsite in Joshua Tree, using Bryan’s full astrophotography setup. Conditions were great all three […]